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About Me

Marlene Vidibor, Multi and Mixed Media Artist, Poet - Living in Columbia County, NY

My work evolves from motion and color in the natural state of the universe. My work is particularly informed by the organicity of nature. The motion is dependent on the music which emanates from that motion. The color comes from the sheer joy of life in all its many forms.

I started working in color and form as a young child, first in fiber, then in pigment and always with music. Motion or movement in the forms of sound waves and light waves surrounded and continue to surround me at all times.

This is where all my imagery, whether in fiber, paper, beads or my poetry, comes from.

I have had many shows with all of my fiber art work in NY, NJ and Maine. My fiber work was shown in a one person museum show at the Hunterdon Museum of Art in Clinton, NJ. My fiber, bead and watercolor/collage art has been shown widely in Columbia County, NY. I have had library shows of my handmade poetry books with my own poetry at the Maplewood Memorial Library, Maplewood, NJ and Chatham Memorial Library in Chatham, NY.

My most recent museum exhibit was of my 3 dimensional beaded Coral Reef at the Olive Gunnerson Natural History Museum at the Akin Free Library in Pawling, NY. I have been working on this mini installation for 3 years.

After a 40 year career in Public Service I retired to a full time life of art and poetry. I and my husband, BD (Bernie) Vidibor a lifelong professional photographer enjoy living in the wilderness of Columbia County surrounded by deer, coyotes, small wildlife and many many birds. We are both members of the Alan Devoe Bird Club of which I am a board member. BD continues his lifelong practice of black and white hand processed and printed photoraphy.