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This website is devoted to the many mixed media of Marlene Yvette Caller Vidibor; Marlene's work is born of the many combinations she sees in designing from the materials she has at hand. Frequently acquiring materials out of purely aesthetic considerations she then formulates designs mentally, sometimes sketching a preliminary idea before sitting down to work with the gemstones, pearls, crystals, glass beads, fiber paper and coloring materials, to execute the construction which may be accomplished quickly or take a protracted period of time. Marlene's latest work is printmaking, painting, drawing in pastel, charcoal, and watercolor. Keep watching for updates.Click on MORE for additional pages and work.

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Marlene Yvette Caller Vidibor

Multi-Media Artist/Poet [email protected] 518-755-8075

Columbia County NY      

Pictured here is an overview of my Three Dimensional Beaded Coral Reef. The purpose of this work is to raise awareness of the vulnerability of Coral Reefs across the world. This coral reef has fossil coral, shells and a myriad of hand beaded coral reef sea creatures. Included among these are brain coral, lettuce coral, red fire coral, orange cup coral, sea anemones in many colors, black sea urchin and fossilized sea urchin spines. and white tube sponge. Creatures that make their home in these reefs include the following: moral eels (an example on the coral "rock" at left; hawk bill sea turtle shown at lower center resting on a gathering of shells; a tiny red sea horse hiding in the red coral; octopus partially visible at top center; giant clam at top left; a pink and yellow nudibranch or sea slug at upper right.

Parts of this work have been exhibited at the Olive Gunnison Natural History Museum at the Akins Free Library in Pawling NY. The entire was on display January 17th for a month at the Hudson Opera House in Hudson NY as part of the Columbia County Council on the Arts Annual Juried Show.  

More photos can be seen on the bead art page of this website.

Pearls, Gemstones, Shell, Seed Beads, Wood beads, Miscellaneous Beads, Buttons and Found Objects

Three Dimensional Beaded Coral Reef -

Shown here are in part of whole, brain coral (very top left), giant blue star fish (upper right), moray eel (upper left), fire coral (below eel), hawkbill sea turtle (right of eel),large sea worm (left of sea turtle)



This site is named in honor of Stanley Kunitz,(d. 5/14/06), the remarkable American Centagenarian poet whose autobiography The Wild Braid appeared shortly before his death. Stanley and his wife, Elise Asher, a formidable artist who predeceased him by about 2 years, were both influential in my own art and poetry. The reference from which "wild braid" is taken is Kunitz's poem "The Snakes of September." Suffice it to say that I believe my work is of the "wild braid of life."


Marlene Vidibor's art works constitute multi-media art objects, organic in composition and design, inspired by nature to wear or display. Vidibor designs from her concepts of natural life, often featuring insects, animals, people or objects as her use of her inconography dictates, in natural settings. Butterflies, beetles,horses, humans, the microcosmos and the landscape around her often intertwine in both her art and poetry


The artist has been active in fiber, watercolor/collage and bead art for over 50 years. She has been writing poetry and making handmade books with her own poetry and art for nearly 20 years. Her art has been widely exhibited in museums, galleries, libraries and is in private collections. She is a member of CLARA, the online artists' registries of the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC, and the Columbia County Council on the Arts. Her poetry has been widely published in print in journals and anthologies and on the web in e-journals and here on this website.

Joker a rescued greyhound

Beaded from a charcoal drawing

Original Orbit Medallion Design SOLD

Copper glass hex beads woven around a lamp worked bead into a space orbit. Hanging on a necklace formed from the extension of the orbit in similar beads including many freshwater pearls. In private collection.